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I've struggled with using custom joints with OgreNewt. Here is a simple class that will constrain a body to the xz plane. This section assumes you are able to use Ogre, OgreNewt, and the built in joints but are struggling with custom joints in OgreNewt.

header file

#include <OgreNewt.h>

class SimpleJoint :  public OgreNewt::CustomJoint
	SimpleJoint( OgreNewt::Body* child); 


	// also user MUST implement this function to actually apply the constraint.
	void submitConstraint();

source file

#include "SimpleJoint.h"

SimpleJoint ::SimpleJoint ( OgreNewt::Body* child) : OgreNewt::CustomJoint( 1, child, NULL )

SimpleJoint ::~SimpleJoint ()

// the important function that applies the joint.
void SimpleJoint::submitConstraint()
	Vector3 v3pos;
	Quaternion quat;
	this->m_body0->getPositionOrientation(v3pos, quat); 

	//drive the body to 0,0,0 along the Y direction.
	addLinearRow( v3pos, Vector3(0,0,0), Ogre::Vector3(Ogre::Vector3::UNIT_Y) );
  1. endif

Common Mistakes

I inadvertantly wrote :

addLinearRow(Vector3(0,0,0), v3pos, Ogre::Vector3(Ogre::Vector3::UNIT_Y) );

which did not work because v3pos refers to body0. The first argument refers to the first body, and the second argument refers to the second body.

Additionally, when adding more constraints ensure that the num_constraints parameter shown below is set appropriately. If it is set to 1 for example and you have 3 constraints, no errors are reported, and it simply ignored the other two constraints. Quite frustrating when trying to figure out why simple constraints were no longer working.

SimpleJoint ::SimpleJoint ( OgreNewt::Body* child) : OgreNewt::CustomJoint( num_constraints, child, NULL )