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void NewtonBodyApplyImpulseArray (const NewtonBody* const body, int impuleCount, int strideInByte, const dFloat* const impulseArray, const dFloat* const pointArray, dFloat timestep)


Add an train of impulses to a specific point on a body.


  • const NewtonBody* const body
  • int impuleCount
  • int strideInByte
  • const dFloat* const impulseArray
  • const dFloat* const pointArray
  • dFloat timestep


  • (Procedure)


  • This function will activate the body.
  • *pointPosit* and *pointDeltaVeloc* must be specified in global space.
  • *the calculate impulse will be applied to the body on next frame update
  • this function apply at general impulse to a body a oppose to a desired change on velocity
  • this mean that the body mass, and Inertia will determine the gain on velocity.

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