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 NewtonCollision* NewtonCreateCompoundCollisionFromMesh (const NewtonWorld* newtonWorld, const NewtonMesh* mesh, dFloat concavity, int maxShapeCount);


Creates a compound collision from a mesh primitive.


  • const NewtonWorld* newtonWorld - pointer to the Newton world.
  • const NewtonMesh* mesh - pointer to the mesh used as input.
  • dFloat hullTolerance - ?
  • int shapeID
  • int subShapeID - ?


  • The generated compound collision.


  • The algorithm will separated the the original mesh into a series of sub meshes until either the worse concave point is smaller than the specified min concavity or the max number convex shapes is reached.
  • It is recommended that convex approximation are made by person with a graphics toll by physically overlaying collision primitives over the concave mesh, but for quick test of maybe for simple meshes and algorithm approximations can be used.
  • It is also recommended that for best performance this function is used in an off-line toll and serialized output is used.


Added since Newton 2.0

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