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void NewtonJointSetCollisionState( const NewtonJoint* joint, int state)


Enable or disable collision between the two bodies linked by this joint. The default state is collision disable when the joint is created.


  • const NewtonJoint *joint - pointer to the joint.
  • int state - collision state, zero mean disable collision, non zero enable collision between linked bodies.


  • nothing.


  • usually when two bodies are linked by a joint, the application wants collision between this two bodies to be disabled. This is the default behavior of joints when they are created, however when this behavior is not desired the application can change it by setting collision on. If the application decides to enable collision between jointed bodies, the application should make sure the collision geometry do not collide in the work space of the joint.
  • if the joint is destroyed the collision state of the two bodies linked by this joint is determined by the material pair assigned to each body.

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