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Code Syntax

This wiki has installed GeSHi syntax highlighting plugin, here is an example use of it:

#include <stdafx.h>
#include <dVector.h>
#include "OpenGlUtil.h"
#include "CreateScene.h"

#define DEMO_FPS_IN_MICROSECUNDS (int (1000000.0f/100.0f))

static int g_currentTime;
static int g_physicTime;
static int g_timeAccumulator = DEMO_FPS_IN_MICROSECUNDS;

static void* g_newtonDebugger;
static NewtonWorld* g_world;
static SceneManager* g_sceneManager;

static void ShutDown ();
static void* AllocMemory (int sizeInBytes);
static void FreeMemory (void *ptr, int sizeInBytes);
static void AdvanceSimulation (int timeInMilisecunds);

#pragma warning (disable: 4100) //unreferenced formal parameter
#pragma warning (disable: 4702) //unreachable code


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