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Welcome to the Newton Game Dynamics WIKI.

While you are here, please take some time to register your username so you can edit and add any useful hints, tips or simply fill in some useful information that you wish to share with other newton users. To see what special features you can use while editing (special source code highlighting tags, etc..) see: WikiFeatures.

If you are here just for the function manual, go to the Newton SDK API reference.

Main Contents

  • Integration - SDKs and instructions for integrating Newton with various programming languages and game engines
  • Tutorials - Getting started with the Newton SDK.
  • FAQ - main FAQ page, with answers to common Newton SDK questions.
  • Porting old code to use newer Newton versions - Various Pages describing important api changes from old 1.53 api.

Newton features

  • Joints - Overview and examples for all the joint types that are offered
  • Collision primitives - Overview of available collision shapes.
  • Materials - Overview of Newton Materials.
  • Buoyancy - Overview of how buoyancy works in Newton, and tips for building buoyant bodies.