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void NewtonMaterialContactRotateTangentDirections( const NewtonMaterial* materialHandle, const dFloat* alignVector)


Rotate the tangent direction of the contacts until the primary direction is aligned with the alignVector.


  • const NewtonMaterial materialHandle - pointer to a material pair.
  • const dFloat *alignVector - pointer to an array of at least three floats holding the aligning vector.


  • Nothing.


  • This function can only be called from a material callback event handler. This function rotates the tangent vectors of the contact point until the primary tangent vector and the align vector are perpendicular (ex. when the dot product between the primary tangent vector and the alignVector is 1.0). This function can be used in conjunction with NewtonMaterialSetContactTangentAcceleration in order to create special effects. For example, conveyor belts, cheap low lod vehicles, slippery surfaces, etc.

See also

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